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Arkanoid Arcade, Sharp, New Parts with LCD Monitor-Heavy Duty, Coin Operated, Commercial Grade With Free Play Option

  • $ 1,38000
  • Save $ 90000


This games comes with LCD monitor. All new parts are installed in this game.

New Decals and Art works

New control panel Spinner 

New Buttons 

New Power Supply

New behind top marquee Ligt

New Leg Levelers

New Coin Door, you can set this game in free or to take coin


Please call us at 314-481-4316 if you have any questions about this game.


  • Weight without packaging  250 Lb.
  • Weight with the pallet and packaging  350 Lb.
  • This game is 66" tall by 30" deep by 25" wide  without packaging.
  • This game on the pallet is 72" tall by 38" wide by 42" deep with packaging.

Arkanoid (アルカノイド Arukanoido) is an arcade game released by Taito in 1986. It expanded upon Atari's
Breakout games of the 1970s by adding power-ups, different types of bricks, a variety of level layouts,
and more sculpted, layered visuals. The title refers to a doomed mother ship from which the player's ship,
the Vaus, escapes. It was widely ported to contemporary systems and followed by a series of remakes and sequels,
including the 1987 arcade game Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh. Arkanoid revived the Breakout concept, resulting in
many clones and similar games for home computers, even over a decade later.

If you purchase shipping insurance, we will cover cost of the game if there is any damage during shipment.



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