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Dart Machine-Take Aim Electronic Coin Operated Dart Board With On Line Play Option-Brand New For Home And Business

  • $ 2,38000
  • Save $ 1,52000

Please click on the following photo to see the Dart Game playing live on You Tube:

Take aim dart

This Dart Machine is also available in walnut wood grain, cherry wood grain, white or black cabinet. We can also customize your cabinet with your own logo ( for extra charge ) such as your Lounge name, Restaurant name, your Personal name or any other logo of your favorite. This game is coin operated however you can set it on free play as well.

Introducing  the most affordable electronic dart machine. This heavy duty dart game is suitable for arcade games operators. You can install this modern dart game in Bars, Restaurants, Entertainment Centers and many other locations to earn profit. It is also suitable for home use. You can easily set up the pricing by going to set up menu. Unlike the old dart games, service is very easy in case of break down. Dollar Bill Validator Acceptor is optional for extra cost.

This dart game plays the following games:

High Score

01 games  which includes :             301, 501, 701, 901

Cricket which includes:                    Standard Cricket and Hidden Cricket

Lucky Table

Fun Games which includes:               99 Darts, Air Battles, Tic Tac Toe, Cricket Count, Eagle's Eye, Half-It,Count Rank and Super Count Rank


86" Tall X  25" wide X 23" Deep

Weight is 175 Lb 

Pallet weight 290 Lb

Most remarkable and affordable dartboard.

On-Screen Intelligent instruction, auto-scoring, "Player Feats" and Game Graphics,

 provide players with easy-to-use interface, and make darts further more fun and engaging.

Made of a special technically advanced nylon, it makes absolute scoring accuracy so cleverly built that it enables the broken-off dart tips to be cleared very easily. 

Soft-tip dart.. Safe and convenient, suitable for all ages.

Sensitive durable physical control buttons, make the dart machine more stylish and easy for game-control.

Dollar Bill Acceptor is optional and for extra $385.00 we can install one to this Dart Game.

On line option is $185.00 more. Please click on:

To see a video of how to play on line with other players all over the world.

This game is also available in white, walnut and cherry wood grain.

Please take a look at the  photos to see the list of the games which this dart machine plays.

If you purchase shipping insurance, we will cover cost of the game if there is any damage during shipment.






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