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Fast & Furious Super Bike Sit Down Arcade Game By Raw Thrills, Refurbished , LCD Monitor, Sharp-HEAVY DUTY, COIN OPERATED, COMMERCIAL GRADE WITH FREE PLAY OPTION

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This game comes  with 14 licensed bikes such as Ducati, Kawasaki, and Yamaha, you can choose your favorite tuner and customize it with engine upgrades, tires, body modifications, and NOS. You are in complete control of customizing your ride toᅠperfection.

Choosing up to 8 riders, and having each rider do up to 30 different tricks, throws a lot more thrill with two wheels.

 The machine features a key pad entry panel so players can register and save their game on the unit. When a player registers, their name appears on the number plate of their car, and allows them to store their car history, number of upgrades etc.


  • Main Cabinet: 87″H x 36″W x 48″D – 495 lbs
  • Seat Pedestal: 54″H x 39″W x 75″D – 125 lbs
  • Assembled: 42" W x 84" D x 72" H
  • Pallet Shipping Size: 94''H X 48''W X 81''D

The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes is the second game inspired by the hit movie franchise. This time, the action is not confined to the United States.

Super Bikes takes players from Sturgis to Monaco, from Chicago to Shanghai, and from Detroit to Switzerland. Players can choose from 12 licensed motorcycles and riders. Like The Fast and the Furious, players can upgrade their bikes with NOS, bigger engines, tires and more!

Discover several shortcuts and unveil hidden secrets in these tracks, and learn to master the curves!

If you purchase shipping insurance, we will cover cost of the game if there is any damage during shipment.

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