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Leisure Claw Crane Arcade Machine- Brand New-Sharp

  • $ 2,18000
  • Save $ 80000

Please call 314-481-4316 if you have any questions about this game.

This Claw Machine changes color  and it is very sharp please click on:

 The cabinet changes color which makes it more attractive.

Mechanical claw provides smooth and controlled player operation
4-axis player control of claw: up/down, left/right, backward/forward
Door locks with brackets for padlocks
Adjustable win percentage and adjustable prize size. 
Premium Sound/Adjustable Sound Capabilities.
Pure skill game with adjustable difficulty levels.
Vibrant and visible prize compartments for varied valued-size prizes.
 Rolling floor casters are also standard.
This game is coin operated and you can set it on free or to take coins. We can also ad Dollar Bill Acceptor for extra Charge.


This game is :

31" W     38" Deep     78" Tall

 300 Lb

Ad Dollar Bill Acceptpr for $385.00