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Dart Machine-Electronic Coin Operated Take Aim Deluxe Dart, With On Line , Brand New with LED Lighting-, Heavy Duty, Coin Operated, Commercial Grade With Free Play Option

  • $ 2,78000
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 Great Choice for Home or Business.




If you are looking for a brand new dart for your home or earn money for low price, you can purchase this Take Aim Electronic Coin Operated Dart Board, Deluxe Edition

This game is a coin operated dart board however you can set it on free play if you like.

Most remarkable and affordable dartboard.

On-Screen Intelligent instruction, auto-scoring, "Player Feats" and Game Graphics,

 provide players with easy-to-use interface, and make darts further more fun and engaging.

Made of a special technically advanced nylon, it makes absolute scoring accuracy ; so cleverly built that it enables the broken-off dart tips to be cleared very easily. 

Soft-tip dart.. Safe and convenient, suitable for all ages.

Sensitive durable physical control buttons, make the dart machine more stylish and easy for game-control.




  • It comes with wheels for easy movement .
  • Coin operated , you can also set it to play for free.
  • The target is made of high quality material and it is sensitive 
  • It comes with 22" monitor
  • 110 V plug .
  • Power 65 Watts
  • Frequency  50 Hertz 
  • Weight : 253.5 LB 
  • Suitable for Clubs, Bars, Restaurant, Amusements centers, Home and etc...
  • We can add Dollar Bill acceptor for extra  $275.00
  • It comes with camera and antenna to connect to internet to play other player all over.
  • It comes with LED Lights on the edges which they change colors while the game is on.
  • it can be set on money play or on free play.
  • Material: heavy duty metal and nylon
  • Brand: Take Aim.
  • Type: Electronic Heavy Duty Coin Operated Dart Board.
  • Model Number YL-2CM
  • Manufacture Arcades Market

This dart game plays the following games:

High Score
01 games  which includes :             301, 501, 701, 901
Cricket which includes:                    Standard Cricket and Hidden Cricket
Lucky Table
Fun Games which includes:               99 Darts, Air Battles, Tic Tac Toe, Cricket Count, Eagle's Eye, Half-It, Count Rank and Super Count Rank
If you purchase shipping insurance, we will cover cost of the game if there is any damage during shipment.


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