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Ghost'n Goblins Arcade, lots of new parts and LCD monitor, sharp-HEAVY DUTY, COIN OPERATED, COMMERCIAL GRADE WITH FREE PLAY OPTION

  • $ 1,38000
  • Save $ 1,50000


                                  25" WIDE  31"DEEP  69" TALL

                                          LCD MONITOR



This game comes with 6 month parts warranty and life time tech supports, This game comes with LCD Monitor.

With this game you never have to be worry about service, all parts are available, all you have to do call us and one of our techs would walk you through simple repair, it is all do it yourself in case you ever have any technical issue with the game. It comes with a lot of new parts and wiring. 


  • Weight without packaging  250 Lb.
  • Weight with the pallet and packaging  350 Lb.
  • This game is 69" tall by 31" deep by 25" wide  without packaging.
  • This game on the pallet is 72" tall by 38" wide by 48" deep with packaging.


If you purchase shipping insurance, we will cover cost of the game if there is any damage during shipment.


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