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Heavy Duty Take Aim Dart none Coin operated- Brand New With 23" Monitor

  • $ 1,58000

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Introducing  the most affordable heavy duty electronic dart machine. This heavy duty dart game is suitable for home use and etc... Unlike the old dart games, service is very easy in case of break down. This game is designed for places that dose not required money to play such as homes, commercial areas, entertainment places, offices and etc... This game is set on free play. It comes with two different monitors, 23" and 9".


86" Tall X  25" wide X 23" Deep

Weight is 175 Lb

Most remarkable and affordable dartboard.

On-Screen Intelligent instruction, auto-scoring, "Player Feats" and Game Graphics,

 provide players with easy-to-use interface, and make darts further more fun and engaging.

Made of a special technically advanced nylon, it makes absolute scoring accuracy so cleverly built that it enables the broken-off dart tips to be cleared very easily. 

Soft-tip dart.. Safe and convenient, suitable for all ages.

Sensitive durable physical control buttons, make the dart machine more stylish and easy for game-control.








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