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Iplay Juke Box Model B, non-coin op, great for homes and business, free shipping

  • $ 1,48000

Sharp looking Jukebox, a great addition to your home or business.

Functions on the Juke Box

41.5" Tall  by 22.5" Wide  by  12.5" Deep



3.▇ (STOP)


5.►►I( NEXT/Fast forward)

6.I◄◄( BACK/Fast rewind)

7.F+10( forwards 10 tracks)

8.F-10( back 10 previous tracks)

9.VOL+(Increase the volume)

10. VOL-(Reduce the volume)

11. MEM(Memory radio show)

12. AUTO(Automatic search radio program)

13. PR-(Backward search radio show)

14. PR+(Forward search radio show)

15. EQ(Voice patterns)

16. ST/MONO(Stereo switch)

17. REP(Repeats)

18. PROG(programming)


20. REC(recording)

21. display

22. Remote control receiving window

23. CD door

Functions on the Remote Control

1. Function: To select between the different functions such as the FM tuner, CD player, USB input, SD input ,Bluetooth and Phonograph.

2. Power: the POWER button on the remote control diagram to exit standby mode and enter AM/FM Radio Mode.

3. VOL - : reduce voice, press the button repeatedly or press once and hold down until you reach the desired volume level.

4. Stop : press to stop a track.

5. PREV/F.B: fast back: press to go to the previous track or rewind back through a track. You can then press the play button to start playback.

6. Program: Allows you to program only particular songs of your choice to playback from your music source.( Further info on this function on page 11)

7. Folder-: press to skip to the first track in the previous folder. If the Jukebox is in random (“RAN”) mode the folder skipping function will be disabled.

8. Repeat: press to replay one particular song. press the button once repeating ONE song only, press the button twice repeating ALL the songs, press the button three times repeated RANDOM play.

9. Auto: press to Radio Auto-search and save stations

10. ST/Mono/REC: (1) Stereo / Mono Selection in Radio (where available). (2) Is not in broadcast mode, the recording function“REC".

11. PRE-: To playback previous stored radio station

12. MEM/OP/CL: tune the radio to the desired station The Jukebox has a 20 station memory to store the user’s favorite radio stations. EJECT: When you play the CD, Press EJECT button on the remote control Again to close the CD tray or open the CD tray.

13. PRE+: To playback a next stored radio station

14. EQ: To change the Equalizer setting equalizer settings preloaded on to the Jukebox are Flat (FLA), Rock (ROC), Classical (CLA),Pop (POP), and Jazz (JAZ).

15. Folder+: press to skip to the first track in the next folder. If the Jukebox is in random (“RAN”) mode the folder skipping function will be disabled.

Recording onto a USB Flash Drive/SD Card

The Jukebox features a recording function to encode your traditional music media (vinyl records, Bluetooth® and CDs) into a digital format and record it onto a USB device or SD card as an MP3 file(s).

Compatible USB Devices Or SD Cards

• USB Flash Drive: supports USB2.0 or USB1.1.

• File System: FAT16/32 (NTFS file system is not supported).

• Maximum files: under 999.

• External HDD, card readers and locked devices are not supported.

Playable File Requirements

MP3/WMA Music File requirements.

MP3/WMA file compatibility with this unit is limited as follows:

• Frequency: within 32 to 48 kHz.

• Bit rate: within 32 to 320 kbps (MP3), 40 to 192kbs (WMA).

• Maximum files: under 999.

• Maximum folders: under 99.

• File extensions: . mp3 or .wma.

Unit Specifications –


AC/DC power adapter:

MAINS INPUT VOLTAGE 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 1.8A



Power amplifier channel type: 2.0 channel

Output Power: 20W+20W


DIMENSIONS: 105 x 57 x 31 cm    41.5" Tall  by 22.5" Wide  by  12.5" Deep

NET WEIGHT: 21kg (approx)

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