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Jungle King Arcade, Look New With All New Parts

  • $ 1,38000
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                                jungle King

This Jungle King Arcade comes with 6 month parts warranty and life time tech supports, with this game you never have to be worry about service, all parts are available, all you have to do call us and one of our techs would walk you through simple repair, it is all do it yourself in case you ever have any technical issue with the game. It comes with a lot of new parts and wiring.         

Please call us at 314-481-4316 if you have any questions about this game.


  • Weight without packaging  220 Lb.
  • Weight with the pallet and packaging  300 Lb.
  • This game is 66" tall by 30" deep by 25" wide  without packaging.



 Jungle King Photo

Jungle King re-released as Jungle Hunt is an action game developed by Taito and released for arcades in 1982. It was originally distributed as Jungle King, then quickly modified and re-released as Jungle Hunt due to a copyright dispute over the player character's likeness to Tarzan. Jungle King, along with Moon Patrol released a month earlier, is one of the first video games with parallax scrolling.

The player controls an unnamed character moving through side-scrolling scenes to rescue a woman from a cannibals by swinging from vine to vine, swimming a crocodile-infested river, and avoiding rolling rocks. In the original Jungle King release, the loincloth-wearing character resembles Tarzan. In the rebranded Jungle Hunt, the player character is an explorer, sporting a pith helmet and safari suit. Another re-theming of the arcade version was distributed as Pirate Pete in 1982.


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