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Megatouch AURORA  Bartop Games 19" Display Refurbished

Megatouch AURORA Bartop Games 19" Display Refurbished

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ION AURORA that comes complete This is a Megatouch Aurora with a huge 19" LCD display, joystick and unique color changing HALO. This is the first Megatouch game series to integrate a color changing HALO and joystick/buttons. It has a huge flat screen that looks great, and works perfectly! It has way over 100 games, including games like Texas Holdem, Skeeball, Outlaw Poker, Fight the Landlord, Super Boxxi and Luckey 11's. 
This is the ION hardware, which means comes with the last/latest software to be released!  For those of you not familiar, the ION hardware is the follow up to the Force. The ION hardware is newer, faster, and will continue to have software updates and support for a long time. The ION's small size means that you can deliver exhilarating Merit content to any location and is designed to fit easily on booths, table tops, bars, counters. It installs in just 5 minutes! It's slim, sleek style makes the ION the perfect game for space-restricted locations - includes swivel tabletop base and interactive joystick.
If you purchase shipping insurance, we will cover cost of the game if there is any damage during shipment.