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Dart Machine - Take Aim Mini Wall Mount , Commercial Grade, Heavy Duty, Brand New With Standard Size Target-Free shipping for limited time.

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  • Do not spend thousands of dollars for Dart Machines, this one works and plays, exactly like the standard size Electronic Dart Machines that you play in Bars. This game is non coin operated and it is easy to move around. Unlike most Dart Machines, this one comes with monitor and has nice sound, you can also easily add larger monitor for better view. 


Game List:

01) Official International Game Play:  301, 501, 701 and 901

02) Cricket Games:  Standard Cricket Game and Optional Cricket Game, Plays 15 Rounds

03) High Score Competition 

04) Fun Games:  99 Darts, Cricket Count, Eagle's Eye and Half -It 



 Dimensions: 28" Tall by 23" Wide by 2.5" Deep

Weight: 26.5 Lb

Material: Metal

Monitor Size: 7", you can easily view the monitor form far however you can also install a larger monitor next to it for larger view.

Target Size: Standard size 15.5"

Voltage: US plugs 110V

Power: 20 Watts

Frequency: 50 Hertz 



 This game comes with 4 sets ( 12 Pieces ) of House Darts and a Throw Line Sticker and some extra dart tips.

 Optional Dart Standard is available for $198.00 with free shipping.