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Godzilla  Pro Pinball Machine Brand New By Stern

Godzilla Pro Pinball Machine Brand New By Stern

  • $ 6,98000


 Condition: New

Brand: Stern Pinball

Year Released: 2023
Dimensions: 29" W x 58" D x 76" H
Weight: 250 lbs

If you purchase shipping insurance, we will cover cost of the game if there is any damage during shipment.

CHICAGO, IL – May 30, 2023 –Stern Pinball, Inc., announces a full line of Godzilla pinball machine accessories compatible with the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models.  Already one of the most sought-after pinball games in history, Stern Pinball’s award-winning Godzilla pinball machines just got better with these newly available upgrades.

The Godzilla Heat Ray Destruction Topper accessory will immerse players into a world of chaos, incorporating a custom molded Godzilla sculpture breathing a heat ray against a city landscape.  With 3 fire panels, a custom sculpted heat ray plume implementing 21 RGB lights, and a special flash lamp projecting Godzilla’s shadow, this exclusive decorative topper integrates distinct light shows and includes an exclusive “King of the Monsters Time Attack” mode elevating the entire gaming experience of Godzilla.

Everyone can use an ally including Godzilla.  Straight from the plunge, the custom Godzilla Mothra Egg Shooter Knob adds a fun element to an already exciting gaming experience, teleporting pinballs straight into the fight to become King of the Monsters!

The custom-designed, Godzilla Inside Art Blades feature stunning and distinctive hand-drawn artwork by Zombie Yeti, adding an entirely new dimension inside this world under glass pinball experience.

Always prepare for battle against other Kaiju with the Godzilla King Ghidorah Side Armor.  This thrilling side armor further highlights the incredible cabinet artwork while further immersing players into the world of Godzilla.

“The Godzilla pinball accessories are a true game changer in elevating your pinball playing experience,” said Seth Davis, President and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.  “These officially licensed items will make your Godzilla pinball machine pop with excitement. Go, go Godzilla!”

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